GIS elaborations and consulting

I provide consultancy and assistance in:
  • - GIS project development, with a focus on Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, polar regions (e.g., Antarctica);
  • - statistical and geostatistical analysis of natural data;
  • - processing of elevation data (from Remote Sensing or DEM);
  • - map production from DEMs (slope and aspect, curvature, directional slope and directional slope along varying orientations).

My GIS tools are mainly Open Source: Quantum GIS, Grass, Saga, Mirone and OpenJUMP. I use also programming languages, such as R, Python with Numpy and GDAL, Fortran 90/85 and C++.


My name is Mauro Alberti. I'm a Gis and scientific programmer. My primary specializations are in scientific and GIS programming (OS tools, mainly Python, R, Fortran and C++), Earth Sciences (structural geology, Polar Sciences), geostatistical analysis. About me


Mauro Alberti